Seabird is a game about relying on non-player characters to help you. In the game you play as a bird that is having trouble flying. You must learn the behavior of the other birds around you in order to allow them to help you.

The game takes place in a side-view 2D environment. Wind currents and birds populate the game. You will fall downward unless you can find a wind current or flock that can help you.

Status as of February 2018
So far the wind paths in the game and the character movement work well enough for me to start experimenting with other aspects of the game. So far not much else other than basic things such as model loading, sprite rendering, platform layer, and so on have been implemented.

Roadmap for Seabird
  • Gameplay mechanic of finding and losing birds
  • Experimentation with procedural wind scene layouts
  • Artwork and content pipeline

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